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Thor Guard, Inc.

Thor Guard, Inc.

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Contact: Patrick Bennett
1193 Sawgrass Corporate Parkway
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THOR GUARD, Inc. manufactures the world's only true lightning prediction system, along with our propreitary Voice of Thor visual and audible integrated warning products. These systems are designed to provide an average warning of 12 minutes prior to a lightning strike within 12 miles weather lightning is occuring within 50 miles or not. THOR GUARD does not need the presence of actual lightning strikes to provide a warning, only the electricity in the immediate area which grows and develops prior to a strike or storm. Thor Guard, Inc. makes several systems to accommodate single parks or networks of facilities within one mile of a main system. THOR GUARD Weather, a division of THOR GUARD, produces an internet weather subscription package second to none. Multiple THOR GUARD systems can be displayed on each Weather page providing full-time access to all data, along with radar and satallite images, from anywhere you can access the internet. THOR GUARD Weather also makes available trained meteorologists of on-site and remote forecasting of major events. Thor Guard mets will be present at all USGA events this year.Thor Guard can also be used to provide emergency "lock down" notifications, currently being developed for our college, university and school customers. This project is being spearheaded by THOR GUARD and the University of Miami. THOR GUARD sells more lightning warning systems in North America and the world than any other manufacturer. Having begun operations in 1975, THOR GUARD is also the only existing company today with more than 30 years providing consistant, reliable lightning warning for industry and recreation.

GENS can be purchased as a stand alone warning system to automatically activate a unique one minute audible emergency horn alarm while also activating visible strobe lights. The customer may also wish to integrate the GENS warning system with our THOR GUARD lightning prediction system. This can be accomplished easily and economically. Whether it's an unexpected campus emergency or a dangerous lightning threat. THOR GUARD has provided an affordable option. In addition to the hardware options of the GENS system. THOR PCX software provides an expanded menu of warning options, such as automatic email alert messaging.

The THORGUARDIAN is the first, totally integrated advance warning system for lightning. The sensor continuously monitors the atmosphere's electrostatic energy as far away as 15 miles and evaluates the potential for lightning within an area of approximately 2 miles in radius. When the system determines a hazardous condition, the air-horns and strobe light provide necessary alerts. As a leader in lightning prediction, THOR GUARD has advanced its state of the art lightning prediction technology by the development of its propriety L125 prediction computer. The entire system can be easily installed outdoors as a single unit, or the control box can be located separately. Under normal conditions, the air-horns have a range of approximately 700 yards, in a 360' pattern. An external status LED indicates THORGUARDIAN is operational.

Our newly released Thor PCX software provides customers and their communities the ability to view real-time Thor Guard lightning prediction warnings on mobile phones and continues to provide text and email warnings where required. This new software also permits both lightning and radar imagery to be displayed on a city or municipal website, thus providing access to the community to the unique Thor Guard lightning prediction warnings and radar.

This version was designed to “truly” network THOR GUARD data for our customers for single and multiple sensors. To network multiple sensors with this version it is necessary to have a PC located at each sensor location and that all PCs reside on the same network. This version of the software generates an .XML file at a user-specified location (a unique .XML file can be created for each sensor). The data from this file can then be viewed either from up to 10 remote PCs (does not require ThorPCX to be loaded on each remote PC) or on an internal website with an .SWF file that will be supplied by Thor Guard Weather. There will be a one-time set-up fee of $500 that should be included as a line item to the quote. This fee is required for Thor Guard Weather staff to generate the satellite map image for the customer. An example of this satellite map with THOR GUARD data overlays is available at the website.

This version was designed to allow a customer to have complete control over gathering and displaying their THOR GUARD data for up to five (5) sensors. It is mainly intended for large sites with multiple THOR GUARD SYSTEMS (up to 5) and/or for a customer that needs to gather THOR GUARD data across multiple networks. This version can reside on a single dedicated computer to “listen” and display for up to five (5) sensors. In addition, this version creates a unique .XML file that can be used to distribute the data via a network viewer and/or internal website for mass distribution. A satellite-view map to display the data is included in the price.



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