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Park and recreation professionals might like to know about this from THE NATIONAL ASSOCIATION FOR RECREATIONAL EQUALITY. See also and
Three criteria for inclusion in sports and recreation:
1. Participants play alongside, not against one another.
2. No contact or abrupt movements, no running, jumping, offense and defense.
3. You play the court, not an opponent.
The intention when considering Inclusion is to play the challenge of the court, course or facility, not the challenge of your fellow player. Size, stature, gender and age do not factor in when participants play the court and not each other. Think of golf, bowling and Bankshot. In these alongside-not against-sports there’s plenty of competition but it is against oneself, not against an opponent. Sports and recreation are purposeful in that they are intended to civilize – to teach civility; to replace intimidation, bullying, beating and defeating others. All players, children, teens and adults, are to walk off arm and arm, not as combatants or competitors. No contact, no confrontations, no winners and losers.
Reeve Brenner
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